Let's support each other, make art, and make change.

Discover how transformative faith-based art can be. Find your voice again.

About Us

This is a community called to resist the racial injustice we see around us. We aren’t professional artists, but understand the transformative power of art as an expression of faith. We want to improve as artists and antiracists. I embrace opportunities to share my art making process and invite others to experience the same transformative power of faith-based art that I have experienced. Join me and discover how the act of making art can serve as a catalyst to disrupt racism and change you from the inside out.

Why You Should Join Us

Art can transcend race, age, gender, and culture. As creatives during this critical point in history, we can’t be silent anymore. You can be part of a solution, rather than keeping silent. You can discover your own path of transformation that can serve as a catalyst for anti racist work. Whether you create art (painting, drawing, dancing, poetry, etc.) once a month or everyday, you can find and use your voice for change. I can’t wait to show you how I made the switch and allowed God to change me from the inside out. I can show you how I found my voice and used it to affect change in my life and my sphere of influence.

A Big Thanks

I am so grateful for this group and this opportunity to share with you how I use the art making process as a catalyst for change. Injustice is imbedded in so much of our culture, we don’t even recognize it sometimes. The transformative nature of making art can bring us together and magnify our voices for change. I can’t wait to take the next step with you!